Samsung Wave GT-S8500

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Selling 5 months old Samsung Wave

It was used by my dad for only 3 months as he was gifted an iPhone,has been lying idle in the box for the past two months.

Condition is 9/10

No visible scratches(Capdase Case and screen gaurd used from Day 1)

Just a few tiny specs caused by dust entering into the case.

Reason For Sale:Lying idle without use

Comes with all Accessories and Box , also includes Transcend 8GB memory card with adapter,Capdase Soft Jacket 2 Xpose Case,extra screen gaurd

Warranty:7 months left(warranty card is provided)

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for better pics click here

Can also upload more pics if requested

Expected price:16.5K including shipping

Open to Trades with similarly specced Android Phones Or Nokia phones(HD video recording is a must)

Hyderabad Buyers Preffered

Please Use PM route for communication


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^^Cannot beat the price of Iphone 4 which is almost 3times that of wave...

You can't compare mercedes with i10...both are very good in their respective segments...


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I searched for this phone in my city at every shop possible but couldn't find a piece.
Awesome phone! :)


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In terms of price and the screen also I guess it may not beat iphone4 in display but matches it. No other phone`s display can match iphone4 currently apart frm wave.


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Display i must say is real good,played a 720p HD video(Tron Trailer) on this yesteday and i was really blown away by the black levels and the colour reproduction.

Really hope OLED TVs start shipping soon......


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I have seen iPhone4 mate and I have Wave too... comparable to display Wave has better visuals than 4 IMO....

I have already Played 4.6GB Prince of Persia 720p HD movie on my Wave and it was playing flawlessly. Though it took some time like 2-3secs for FF..RWing the frames. I hope this was a bit due to my Class 4 mSD...


Man this phone is good and powerful enough at this price..the only downside is limited BADA and its apps... else it's AWSOME..

For day to day user the features are enough!!! But for advanced users ... ahem!! ahemm!!
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