SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2GB + 1GB Transcend μSD card

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Selling off my barely-a-month-old Clip+ 2GB. This served me well as a standby mp3/FLAC player during the hour-odd commutes to the workplace and back. Got myself an iPhone 3G so selling this off.

I bet this tiny thing has a much better SQ (when paired with the right IEMs/earphones!) over the iPhone itself. Used the PL-11 IEMs with this player.

The stock earphones are being used by a friend. Can send them along but the ear-cushions wouldn't look all that new! Shall throw in a 1GB Transcend μSD card with this. I do not have the original packaging but rest assured, the shipment shall reach you in a piece!

Pricing: 1.8k shipped.

Warranty: Standard KMD Todphod warranty - buyer sends the player to KMD, KMD sends the item to the US, gets a replacement and sends the player to the buyer. Buyer pays for shipping to & fro.

Mandatory pics:


Forgot to add, there's no such thing as holding. Standard Todphod warranty applies.
^Nice. YGPM Supra! :)

I honestly appreciate straightforward deals - I mean is there any more detail to be put in this thread? How low will the pricing go? Is it exactly a month since you've been using it and what not! :\
Are yaar come on yahoo :p

So its all mine :p err my friends actually....will keep it 1st week with myself :D
Damn.. :( I was ready to do the payment today.. Just that I was out and couldn't come online.. and it is almost sold ?! :no: *cursing myself* :mad:
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