Sandisk Sansa Fuze+ 8GB ( 15 days old)

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For sale is the sandisk sansa Fuze+ - 8GB

Condition : See the pics ... its in great condition, no problems.

Sansa fuze+ is great DAP, with 2.4" screen its also a good vedeo player. It plays FLAC, OGG , WAV, AAC, MP3, etc.

I clocked 30Hrs of playback in a single charge ( only audio ), so its great for journeys !!

Whats in the deal:

you get everything that came with it. :

1. Fuze+ (8GB ) - purple.

2. Micro USB transfer cable.

3. Installer CD ( the CD installation is not mandatory )

4. other leaflets and box .

(bought from GEB , I did not get any documents. )

Reason for sale : Bought this to see how it compares to my higher end players.

Price : 4.5k shipped.




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Only advantage of Fuze is Rockbox.

Sound of Fuze+ is neutral and it sufficiently drives Koss KSC75,AT-700,AT-300.
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