FS: Desktops Sandy Bridge Mobo+Proc+Ram for sale & then some


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Item Condition
3 out of 5
Payment Options
  1. Bank Transfer
Purchase Date
Nov 1, 2012
Shipping Charges
Excluded - at actuals
Have you provided two pics?
  1. Yes
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Reason for Sale
Lying unused and want to downsize (LIierally)
The system is in an ATX Motherboard
Item Condition : 3.5 out of 5(Aged)

Purchase Date : Nov , 2012(Dont remember the date)

  1. Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1270 (4C/8T) - 3200
  2. Processor: Intel i3 2105 (2C/4T) - 1600 - Used for HTPC and overall usage may not have crossed 2000Hours (relocated leaving it in Hyderabad)
  3. Motherboard: MSI P67-GD80 B3 -2200
  4. Ram: Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz 2x8GB Ram - 2x1800=3600
    Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz 1x4GB Ram -3x1200

Hi all,
Selling my old Gaming PC and current HTPC
seen some good times. Used to do weekend gaming untill 2019 Dec & monthly 2 hours HTPC usage from then (I know I let it sit there)
  • Selling as I feel the need to move to small FF. Space constraints and ambience
  • I would prefer all at once or confirm individual parts sale if remaining are being booked.
  • These items are maintained physically in good condition albeit the wear n tear on several years (moved my xeon into 4 Cases and replaced coolers just for kicks or testing)
  • All items will be shipped in original Boxes with all possible accessories(MB + Manual+2xSata cables+IO Shield+)
  • DTDC is preferred as its closest. Others courier preferences are also welcome at some delay
  • I am tied up during the weekdays(Monday - Friday - white collared Laborer ) so will be able to ship in the weekend
Please feel free to take the IM route to connect for any concerns and negotiations
Found 2 more DIMMs of 4GB which I couldnt earlier

Thanks and Hope you guys are Safe


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Interested in the Mobo and the 2x4GB RAM. If I read the bold part correctly, there is at-least 2x4GB available, right?