Sapphire hd 4350 (More pics posted)

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Product : Sapphire HD 4350
Bought On : 27/10/09
Reason selling : Was a temp card till i got my new one yesterday
Price : 1700 Shipped
Warranty Left : 2 years 11 months
Warranty on Brand New Card : 3 years

No Lowballing or thread crapping of any kind.
If you have any comments or are interested in buying, PM me.


PS: Its yesterday's date on the image. damn net stopped working. hope its not an issue
gkay09 said:
^ Not crapping your thread but you might have to revise your pricing...Even though its a month old, but you can get a new MSI HD 4350 for Rs,.1825 Inclusive of VAT
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this aint a msi card. its a sapphire. there is a difference. neways ill edit the pricing a lil
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