Sapphire Radeon HD5770 1GB Graphics card

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Hey guys.

Selling my Jan16 2010 purchase Sapphire Radeon HD5770.

Its in perfect working condition and as good as new.

MX3 applied on the core.

This is the original reference PCB layout version with V2 cooler.

This is not like the latest custom PCB versions of Sapphire. On newer cards you cannot adjust the core voltage ( no wonder overclockers want to sell them off fast :p )

This card has full voltage control using MSI afterburner.

I am using it with top shroud removed as it drops the temps on the core. Its easy to put it back on and card will be shipped with it attached. You can again remove it if you want.

here are few pics.

And yeah, dont worry about black sport at the bottom of the backplate and near the HDMI and displayport connectors. Thats not rust or discolouration , its just my fingerprints. Card is absolutely perfect cosmetically as well.







if you have any more questions, do ask.

Basically it comes with CD, sapphire sticker, manual, DVI to VGA convertor, CF bridge, molex to pci express convertor cable.

Price : Rs 7500 shipped to Mumbai, Thane, New Mumbai. More for other locations at actual.
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