FS: Storage Hardware sealed WD Green 1.5TB (WD15EADS) HDD with warranty

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  • Product Name: Western Digital 1.5TB Green HDD WD15EADS (Sealed)
  • Expected Price: Rs. 4200 + shipping (local buyer preferred)
  • Shipping charges: Buyer
  • Manufacturer page URL: WD Green
  • Description: Sealed. Received from RMA 1-2 weeks ago.
  • Reason for Sale: Thought WD RMA would take time, so bought a 2TB HDD to replace my RMA'd HDD. But WD picked up my old 1TB HDD in time and replaced it with this in 2 working days!!(1.5TB instead of 1TB and I shipped my HDD on Friday and recieved this on Tuesday! Gotta love WD). So now the choice is between selling this or using it along with my 2 internal (500GiG+2TB) + 2 external (500GiG+2TB) HDDs.
  • Product condition: 10 out of 10 (unused/sealed)
  • Purchase Date: RMA date
  • Remaining Warranty period: 13 months (warranty till April 2014)
  • Warranty available in: India
  • Invoice Available: No. Misplaced. (invoice not needed for warranty)
  • Product Location: Navi Mumbai
  • Shipping to: Local buyers preferred + All over India.
  • Preferred courier: Buyer preference
  • Payment options: Cash/Bank Transfer, Exchange
This HDD came from WD RMA of my 1TB WD Green, about 2 weeks ago. I own about 6 WD HDDs (2xInternal+2xExternal on PC + 1xWD Black HDD on both of my laptops), but this was the first time I RMAd anything. I was expecting a long RMA process based on the feedbacks on the forum, but surprisingly after shipping my HDD on Friday, I received the replacement on Tuesday!!
I don't see a point in adding this to my PC, so am putting this up for sale because I dont want it just sitting there on my desk unused. If this doesn't get picked up quickly, I might just buy an external USB case and use it. I would prefer Local Buyers in any case, but the HDD came from WD RMA center in a box, so I could as well ship in it.
Payment options are Cash or Bank Transfer, but if you have something for trade, please feel free to engage my curiosity. Expected price is almost fixed, since I don't like haggling myself, but if you think you have a good offer please PM me.


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