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Want to get seat covers for my Polo 1.6MPi Highline.

Ideally I would want something to Match the interiors.. (beige and black)

Dad also wants lamination done to the stock carpet. I'm not sure if this would void warranty (would contact VW and confirm) but this is something which will be useful concerning the upcoming mansoon.

I do not want to spend a whole lotta amount on seat covers, I need something which wont heat up alot in sun. Glasses have been tinted already at 50% with Garware Tint so heat levels have already gone lower than before.

Budget: 10k (preferred) - 15k (max)


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I came across a thread on the floor lamination on team bhp where they said during monsoons moisture got under it and messed up the underbody, so I wouldn't advice that. Plus it looks horribly tacky


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it looks tachy , i too got it done in my fiesta 2 years back , it looked good initially but just after 6 months it started to come off out of its door pockets and side walls , looked tachy , everything botched up , got it removed a year back

i know some try do it bit more professionally with use of heat gun n all , but still it wont stay put for long

though its easy to clean but still it just spoils the aesthetics of the car , better to go for vaccuming once in 1-2 months atleast


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i also do not like the feel of laminate / silicone (sorry couldn't resist)
but dad thinks its better to be safe.
I will convince him on this, but the query about the seat covers stay.

any specific brands I shall look forward to?
I am inclined towards using no seat covers for 1st year.. manufacturer's charge a hefty amount over the interiors and covering that and passing it on to the next buyer just doesnt feel worth it to me. But the car is populated with small kids and babies sometimes which stand on the seats and are known to puke n then I have to go :'(

so would like something elegant as well easy to clean.
no leather due to weather conditions here.
please suggest before the start of mansoon.


then i would say got for art-leather . i have been using them for 4years nothing happened to them . about cleaning i just simply clean them using wet cloth . Good quality art-leather cost around 7K but normal one will cost you around 3k and low quality one will cost you 1300-1500 depend on shop


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I've used both art leather (P.U) and genuine leather in my car. Chennai weather is pretty similar if not worse heatwise when compared to Mumbai, with both I had no issues with sweat or stickyness due to seat covers. Of course I use the a/c all the time, not sure if you would do the same.
I found leather stayed cleaner longer compared to the PU seats for some reason.
Heres a pic, leather vs p.u


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I got the art leather seat cover done in my car one year back by gSport. I am immpressed by the quality,fitting and looks. got the beige color and also got warranty claimed ;) as one of the seat cover got damaged (one small hole) while fitting.