Budget 0-20k Second hand monitor buying advice


What are things one should check for when buying a used monitor (27in flat panel IPS)?

What is the best way to get it shipped to you when the seller is in a different city, any tips on packing and courier recommendations?


If it has multiple inputs, and you care about them, then make sure you all them to demonstrate each of the inputs is working.


What is the best way to get it shipped to you when the seller is in a different city, any tips on packing and courier recommendations?
I have sold one here, an year back and the buyer was happy with the packing. So, my 2 cents:
1. make sure to use a monitor box with that thermocol cuttings. Doesn't have to be the box of the monitor, can be some other (bigger) monitor's box also. This will ensure place for all the wires, stand etc, within the box
2. make sure to stuff bubble wraps on top and bottom side of the box (inside), mainly the side where your monitor screen is present. More chances of courier guys placing a heavy box on top of this during transit.
3. Use lots of carton-box-tapes, the wide-brown-colour one, not the transparent one. Those brown ones are pretty strong and doesn't give up that easily. Cover your box completely with that brown tape.
4. Make sure to secure your address paper, if you're sticking one. Cover that with the transparent cello-tapes completely to prevent it from tearing. Mostly these days the delivery happens via a bar-code scan. but, just in case.
5. See if you can use an insured-courier.


The monitors purchased from Amazon, Flipkart etc comes in original packaging only so as long as the original box is there along with the thermocol, it should be fine. You can ask the seller to bubble wrap the box for an extra layer of protection. Courier should be delhivery because they don't count every cm/gram of volume and weight. You can run a basic dead pixel test to find faulty pixels. It's an ips panel so a lot of backlight bleed is going to be there and that is okay. Just ask if everything is working fine like different ports, screen brightness, there should be no flickering etc.


If all the original box and packing materials are there, they are secure enough, it'll be fine. If not, never cheap out on thermocol and or bubble wraps and a sturdy outer cardboard is a must.


Check for working of the monitor and if all ports work correctly, check for scratches or lines on screen and if there are any dead pixels.
For the shipping, it is better to ship in the original packing of the product, that ensures proper fitment so nothing gets banged up during shipping.