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Aercy didn't let me upgrade his account and is not replying to me as well. 1 of my codes was redeemed on his account and has been rendered useless since I've refunded him. It takes 2 min and a sign in link on his end and I am ready to upgrade whenever he is free.
Looking forward to a solution for this.
Please let me know if I can do something on my end.
I anyway have paid the share which is to be paid to the phone customer.
All I can do is request.

TBH, it looks like you got scammed in this transaction. I wouldn't call Aercy a willful scammer, but maybe an accidental one. He got the account activated (which most likely will continue to remain active as the coupon is valid for a year, only his subscription is monthly, so at the end of the year, he will have to pay monthly fee and not yearly) and got his payment refunded too. You are the one who lost one account in this transaction.

You should definitely reach out to him at the end of the month when supposedly his subscription ends. If that does not happen, he should pay you back again and update here. He has been a longtime member here, I am sure things will work out for all parties.
@ckkartik is a total chad, much appreciated


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Got pro activated for a year, extremely smooth transaction, ckkartik gave clear instructions! Entire transaction took less than 10 minutes (obviously both buyer and seller have to be online for this! :p). Thanks!
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