Semi-portable nap time rig


Got my cable a couple of days ago and she's finished! For those weekend power naps :)

Headphones: HE-4 Orthodynamic

Amp: RSA SR71-B

Source: iMod

Cables: Copper blackgate cap LOD and a "fonebone" copper custom RSA balanced HE series cable

Pillow: Dunlop, Quilt: IKEA's cheapest :hail:




nice rig as usual bro! how r the orthos? damage ?

They're good pair of cans that's for certain. Good bass.....adequate quantity, ever so slightly recessed mids but nowhere near those infernal TF10s! Vocals sound good and presentation of finer details is brilliant.

Soundstage showed the biggest improvement when balanced, not the largest in terms of sheer width but very good none the less.

The highs are quite aggressive, I'm told its feature with Fang's orthos, although I really think the SR71-B adds a bit more edge to the treble then other amps might. Would like to hear these from a nice tube amp someday (hopefully someone else's amp) :p

Very comfortable, although the padding on my headband is now a bit worn. Velour pads are nice but hard to keep clean.

Damages you ask!!! 80 for the cable, which I think is very good (that's SGD and not the US dollar). Headphones were a straight swap with my protector. The SR71-B....... I'm trying to forget :mad: