FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones - Used, in excellent condition

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Selling my Sennheiser HD 650, which I have had for almost 3 years now. They may be old but have not been used much.

I have been using these with Matrix M-Stage, which I would also be selling in another thread.
  • Product Name: Sennheiser HD 650
  • Expected Price: Rs 18,000
  • Shipping : No Shipping, local pickup only
  • Reason for Sale: Need money
  • Product condition: I would say 9 out of 10. No dents etc, and the pads and headband are still clean.
  • Purchase Date: August 2013
  • Remaining Warranty period: None.
  • Invoice Available: I can provide the email from eBay as proof of purchase.

IMG_6112.jpg IMG_6094.jpg IMG_6190.jpg IMG_6297.jpg
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