Budget 51-70k SFF gaming PC for 70k without GPU


What is your budget?

What is your existing hardware configuration?
Monitor - LG 27" 4k
Nothing else that I can use with this

Which hardware component are you looking to buy?
Cabinet, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, SSD, HDD

Is this going to be your final configuration?
I'll add a GPU a few months later

Where will you buy this hardware? (Online/City/TE Dealer)?
Mumbai, online, TE classifieds

Would you consider buying a second hand hardware from the TE market?

What is your intended use for this PC/hardware?

Do you have any brand preference or dislike?

If you will be playing games then which type of games will you be playing?
Racing, action adventure games like Tomb Raider

What is your preferred monitor resolution for gaming and normal usage?
Gaming - 2560x1440
Desktop - 3840x2160

Are you looking to overclock?

Which operating system do you intend to use with this configuration?
Windows 10/11

I'm looking to build a gaming PC. However, I want a small form factor PC and not a full tower. But I'm a bit confused with the terminologies used, mini-ITX, ITX, Mini-ATX, etc.

I'm not looking to buy right away, just want to understand my options so that I can keep an eye on the TE market place for good deals.

I would like a cabinet something like this: https://www.amazon.in/Ant-Esports-ICE-511MT-Micro-ATX-Motherboard/dp/B0813C8PYB
I would like to get a modular PSU so that I can avoid clutter in an already cramped SFF cabinet.
I already have a NAS setup, and low powered machines for my coding and multimedia needs. So I'll need this only for gaming. So I guess a single 1 TB M.2 stick should be enough.
Would prefer to get 16GBx2 RAM.

I'm open to both AMD and Intel, either a 12th gen i5 or Ryzen 5600G. They seem equally matched and equally priced, so it will boil down to motherboard price mostly. I guess i5 has a better single core performance but poorer graphics performance. Not sure about it though.

Please also let me know if I'll need to spend on additional fans for the cabinet, CPU cooler, etc.

I'm also open to pre-built systems like Zotac Magnus One, but as of now, don't see any options with current gen processors.