FS: Games Silent hill Collection (5 Silent Hill games) , Enternal Sonata(PS3), Ico (PS2)


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4 out of 5
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Nov 2, 2009
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  1. Yes
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Selling my collection
My collection of SH series of games.
Been a huge SH series fan and have had to source most from abroad" during those days"

Entire collection -11k plus 300 shipping.
Original : add Rs 150 shipping for games.
Silent hill 2(Ps2 ntsc-u/c)-3000 SOLD to @prakhargr8
Silent hill 3 (PS2 NTSC j) but English option there.-2500
Silent Hill 4 The Room (PC dvd)-2000
Silent Hill Homecoming (PS3)-2000
Silent Hill Downpour (PS3)-2000 Sold to @fatpigeon

Individual pricing is only done here because I am getting interested buyer in particular games . So if i do manage to get buyer for each game I can ship separately. Rs 150 shipping for each. Until then The entire collection is available.

Not original (just adding to collection)

Silent hill Shattered Dreams( PS2)
Silent Hill Origins (PS2)

Not selling any from collection separately. So kindly don't ask for single games from collection.

Eternal Sonata - Rs 3000
ICO (ps2 pal ) - 1400

Rs 200 shipping.
Please note all the games are suppose to be in very good condition. For buyer I can share pic of the disc too.
However, I have no way to check if they are working or not.last I remember each games worked fine and I packed it and kept it.
So won't be able to confirm if they work or not . Just making sure buyer is aware of it.

Will pack nicely but complete buyers risk.
Buyer must be patient.


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In line for Silent Hill 2 if you change your mind and decide to sell separately.
Individual pricing has been updated. If it still interest you I can keep you in line.

some others are interested in other games. So making list of buyers and If I do manage to get buyer for all games or even most I will ship it separately.

So anyone interested in particular SH game can let me know.
As of now SH2 -> @prakhargr8
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Still available.
Each SH game had something amazing to offer.

Only 3 remaining...someone who buys 2 games will get the ( not orginal versions) too for no extra cost.