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One of my cousins who is a teenager is now getting this urge to start a blog/website and reached out to me for advice. She needs:
  • Custom domain name
  • Hosting solution to run a blog

Normally, I would have asked her to sign up for Wordpress or something but she wants to have a custom domain name and I think wordpress stopped allowing custom domains for free. Since this is likely just a flavor of the month kinda thing (we've all been there), I want to suggest something that is really inexpensive. I might buy the domain name for her for a year but how do I go about suggesting something flexible, convenient and yet inexpensive to start and maintain?

Essentially: What are the current favorite inexpensive blogging solutions?


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Check tiny plan, they have excellent support..

There are many other cheap options to try as well, but customer support for first time website hosting does also matters.
Check directi or resellerclub they directly have wordpress based hosting options.
Godaddy as well but lot of negative complaints from support view.


custom domains can be used on & blogger free hosting

though free blog hosting has the web space constraints,
both & blogger are easy to use & maintain.

domain can be purchased from or

if you like to use wordpress on self hosted site then
I'd not recommend using wordpress based hosting plans

initially one can start with (so called) unlimited hosting & unlimited
bandwidth - single site hosting plan - on any popular web host with
Linux based hosting & c-panel