Smart batten (tube light) that can change colors


Then buy a good smart rgb led bulb instead. The posted wipro rgb batten was something even I was looking earlier but only warm /golden colors are available everywhere so gave up.
Smart rgb bulbs doing the job ftw.
A bulb wouldn't suffice to my needs, otherwise I would have already bought that long ago.

Back in stock.
Gone in 60 Seconds

I can only explain what I face, and can only try to guess the reason behind it. Basically every time the device is powered off and on, it needs to reconnect to wi-fi. Now these devices, being very low cost, don't seem to have the most robust wi-fi antennas. So once in every 5-6 on/off cycles, it will just refuse to connect to wi-fi on its own. Then I have to reconnect it with the app. Sometimes this also means reconfiguring my routines on Smart Life/Alexa because it gets registered as a new device.

Between power outages, long trips, and accidental switching off, I need to do this once every 3-4 months. But if you have to do this every week, it will get tiring very soon. So best not to use the physical switch. Even better if you have Alexa/Google Nest so that everyone at your home can use voice commands after single configuration.

Good explaination bro...maybe if those things have better wifi module, they could have got better reviews.


I've been using multiple Wipro Batten, Smart Switches and Bulbs both at my place and in hometown and have nothing but positive things to say. Yes they can troublesome when the internet goes down but other than that they have given me absolutely no problems. I have a very robust 2.4GHz Access Points and powerful router. I switch off bulbs and tubelight before leaving and they never failed to reconnect (not that I can remember). Once I had to reconfigure them because I changed my SSID. I frequently (~weekly) restart my router.

I purchased my oldest Wipro Batten (CCT) around 3 years ago.

What I feel is that negative reviews are from people who failed to properly configure it or have a sub-par wifi network in their house.

I got 3 regular ones and one RGB in the last sale. They are wayy past their return window and I haven't tested any of them due to lack of time + laziness and now I'm afraid to test them.

Hopefully they'll be fine.

My overall experience with RGB Batten isn't that good (WRT CCT Batten) because -

1. They aren't as wide as CCT Batten
2. They feel dim
3. If only white light is needed then stay away from RGB Batten

OP, I would recommend to buy 2 x 12.5W LED bulbs instead of Wipro RGB Batten. They both should cost same. Maybe 2x12.5 would be cheaper. I bought one 12.5W in this sale for 599 or 649. If placing 2 bulbs is not possible in the place, then Wipro RGB Batten is fine.
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I concur with @john1911
Even though I do experience occasional disconnections, it's not a major problem and overall the lights work pretty well. I've also been using it for a while. I recently upgraded my router, so the disconnections might get resolved by that. Will know in a few months.

My only gripe was with the half baked app which Wipro provides. It was just not production ready, there were glaring issues in the basic functionality. I was glad the lights worked with Smart Life app, otherwise half the functionality wouldn't have been available. It's a shame that such a large company cannot create a simple mobile app, that too when there were simply copying the smart life app, not even creating something original. And it's a damn shame that they thought it ok to put it on the play store without resolving the obvious bugs.


My experience has been that while these smart devices will retain their configuration for a few hours/maybe a day if switched off, they will lose it if kept switched off for several days. This tends to happen frequently with my parents who are obsessive about turning things off and are not comfortable doing it via voice.