Software for video edits (Win)


Hi Guys,
I was wondering as to what you guys use to edit videos on Windows?
(This is for a notch lower than professional ones, for whom Mac is the obvious choice !)

Please let me know and I dont mind paying reasonable for it as well !
Great, will try that !
Also, from where LUT can be downloaded ?
I am mostly looking out for HDR10+ one, since if these videos are edited, the colours gets flattened.
Personally not used it but my friend likes it pretty much. Paid, but thankfully not a subscription.
I am finding DaVanici too overwhelming for me :(
There is a steep learning curve (Which I need to do sometime) !
Yes, it has a learning curve as it is what pros use. But just watch some YouTube videos and take your time. You will love it after that. It took me sometime to get used to it but it was worth it. It had paid version too for using gpu based rendering and multi gpu rendering too. Don't know what the current version holds and if HDR10+ is supported or not. But it is very good. There may be others also there as other members pointed.
If davinci is not you are able to work with then try those others.
Davinci and premiere pro both are professional editors. They need some getting used to. I prefer Davinci to premiere, as it's less buggy.

However, for short clips (below 10 minutes) and if you want to make flashy and pro looking with some background music, you can try Quik (by goPro). It's a mobile app. Try the old version (last version which had all the bells and whistles for free. I prefer Quik to davinci or premiere. I wish there was a desktop alternative to this video editor.
I am finding DaVanici too overwhelming for me :(
There is a steep learning curve (Which I need to do sometime) !
Indeed. Missed adding about DVR's learning curve.

The ones I suggested comes with perpetual licenses. Pay once for lifetime use. Both offers pretty decent asset library if you are starting out and later change to subscription based plans.

Similarly if you are editing on iPad. Try Lumafusion.
I used to use Sony Vegas in 2016-ish, but for quick edits, I've switched to Kdenlive, at least until Olive matures.
For most use cases (add/remove music, edit tracks, make some colour changes etc), Kdenlive works sufficiently well for me, and it was rather intuitive for me to start with.

Do note that I'm not a professional editor by any means, and would maybe like something even simpler, like recent Android video editors (VN for eg), and I'm ready to pay if it means not having to deal with ads and such.
And of course, no Android or Kdenlive video editor that I've tried support HDR, but that's not really an issue for me since I don't record in HDR at all haha
If you have to, then as others have said, DaVinci is perhaps the choice for video editor.
I used to use Virtualdub and Sony Vegas quite a while back but I have jumped ship and using DaVinci Resolve now for editing videos.

Here is a nice video for beginners starting with DaVinci Resolve:

^^ This video was actually super helpful for me when I initially started using DaVinci Resolve.
As of now, seems that Filmora is something which is easy to use and also has good features.
Will explore other softwares as well !
Thanks all !