FS: Processor SOLD - Core i5 6500, DDR4 8GB 2400mhz stick and other items

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Global Moral Police
Expected Price (Rs)
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Local pickup Pune only
Item Condition
3 out of 5
Payment Options
  1. Cash
  2. Bank Transfer
Purchase Date
Jun 9, 2017
Shipping Charges
Local buyers only
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  1. Yes
Remaining Warranty Period
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Reason for Sale
EDIT: Sold everything to @kangaroo911

I have following stuff to sell off... if anyone locally in Pune wants to pick up, let me know...

Dell 24 inch 1920x1200 TN monitor with DVI input. More than 10 years old. No hdmi or DP.

Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400mhz 8GB RAM stick.

Antec vp550 psu sealed box.

Corsair vs550 psu open box but completely unused.

Core i5 6500 skylake quad core cpu with igpu.

Asus prime H170 pro motherboard with above cpu.

Lian Li solid build quality black metal cabinet with side glass window.

Cpu 5k
Ram 3k
Motherboard 2k
Cabinet 2k
Monitor 2k
Power supply 2k each

Total around 18k... but I can sell all together 15k ...


I just realised I don't have my handwritten username and date in the pics... mods please give me a day or so to rectify without locking the thread?

In the meantime if anyone has questions or reasonable pricing suggestions feel free to discuss in the thread itself... I prefer to avoid PM route.

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My friend was looking for a skylake i5. Let me know if you would be willing to ship it to Bhopal.


Global Moral Police
Doh! Totally forgot to update the pics.

In any case, everything was picked up by @kangaroo911 today.

Not sure if he visits the forum lately or will be able to exchange feedback so mods feel free to close this thread.
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