FS: Storage Hardware SOLD OUT-SanDisk Ultra II SATA III SSD 240GB

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Ranjith Sai

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All 3 were bought on amazon.com (USA). Please message me if you are interested, and the prices are fixed. Shipping extra and returns are not accepted as they are sealed boxes and shipped at buyers risk. If someone buys all 3 we can negotiate a bit. Pic1.JPG Pic2.JPG
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Ranjith Sai

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Please see the below mail from sandisk support for warranty questions.

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

SS Warranty

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Response Via Email (Subarnadip P.)
12/31/2014 11:01 PM
Dear Ranjith,
Thanks for emailing SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product.
If you are not satisfied with answer given below call us directly on our Toll Free number 18001022055 from Monday to Saturday between 09.30 AM to 06.30 PM.
Please be informed that SanDisk Ultra® II Solid State Drives (SSD) comes with 3 years warranty and during the warranty period if you facing any issue with your Solid State Drives then you can claim for the warranty in India. You can simply elaborate your issue by reply back to this email or call us directly on our toll free number 1800-102-2055 from Monday to Saturday between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. We will replace your Solid State Drives if we found that, it is no more functional after troubleshooting.
Please refer to your My SanDisk at http://kb.sandisk.com anytime to see all of your incident history and product registration information. You can log in using your email address as your login and the password that you created.
Also, you can visit http://kb.sandisk.com, our online keyword searchable Knowledgebase, to easily find answers to your Technical Support and Customer Service questions for all of SanDisk's products. Simply enter your search terms and our Knowledgebase will search an extensive database of commonly asked questions as well as our online forums at http://forums.sandisk.com to provide you with the most complete answers possible.
Best regards,
Subarnadip P.
SanDisk Technical Support
Auto-Response 12/31/2014 04:11 AM
Dear Ranjith,
Thank you for contacting SanDisk Customer Support. You should receive an email response from a SanDiskCustomer Support Representative within 2 business days.
If you have not received the response within this time frame, please check your SPAM/Junk/Promotions folder for emails from SanDisk Support or support@sandisk.com. Please also add our email address as a trusted sender.
You can also check your case history and updates via your "My SanDisk". http://kb.sandisk.com
Best Regards,
SanDisk Technical Support
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Customer By Web Form (Ranjith S) 12/31/2014 04:11 AM

Can you please let me know if I can claim warranty in India for the SSDs bought on amazon.com (USA).

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