FS: Keyboard and Mice SOLD - Razer Naga Pro, New, Open Box, Wireless Mouse with Swappable Plates

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5 out of 5
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Feb 27, 2023
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6 months
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Reason for Sale
Slightly small for my very large hands
Up for sale is the iconic Razer Naga Pro Wireless mouse with 3 swappable plates.
This mouse is available for 8000 to as much as 24000/-
I got a brand new one in open box condition earlier this week with 6 months warranty instead of 1 year since it was open box.
For those who might not know this is the pinnacle of a customised gaming mouse with upto 20K DPI and RGB lighting with innumerable colours through Synapse 3 software.
Each removable plate will convert the mouse from FPS to MOBA to MMORPG mouse with 2, 6 or 12 buttons adding up to a mind-boggling 19 customisable buttons.
Here are the details : https://www.amazon.in/Razer-Naga-Wi...7948553&sprefix=razer+naga+pro,aps,285&sr=8-2
I got a very good deal on this mouse for 5500/- since it was open box but it still came with 6 months warranty so it was an unbelievable deal but unfortunately its slightly smaller for my very large hands and have to reluctantly part with it. But by chance if it doesnt get sold will keep it as a backup mouse.
Bought Razer Basilisk X which is one of the largest wireless mice available. Coming from Offbeat Wireless mouse, this was the only one which fit my hand size since I use a Palm Grip.
All original accessories are in the box, I only tested the mouse and found every thing working and butter smooth.
Serves me right for getting all excited and not checking the size of the mouse first.
Price is already drool-worthy so please avoid lowballing/negotiations and oblige.


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SOLD and payment received. Woll ship out on Monday and send tracking. MODS please close the thread
You're a member not only old enough but also having a handful of dealing experience to be well aware that threads stay open until feedback is exchanged and issues if any are addressed publicly here.
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