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Following are the stuffs for sale:

1. Silverstone 120 mm 110.03 CFM fan which comes along with a FAN controller which is in brand new condition .Never used the controller and used the fan for 3 months.Since then, lying idle.......IN extremely new condition..For more details check the link below:
SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd - Designing Inspiration
2. G-Skill PC26400 800 MHZ 1 GB Ram..No warranty but working absolutely fine..Will provide a weeks testing warranty..
3. Intel stock cooler.. It plays the role of a cooler for me as i got a drop of 8 degrees as compared to that of my Stock HSF which comes with Dual core cpus.Working fine.In great condition

Plse check out the Pics at:
ImageShack -
PPL interested can PM me or call me at 9619376955..
Mumbai buyers Preferred
Plse dont Lowball.. Suggestions through PM only.
CM hyper 48 : This is many a times better den Intel stock cooler..Was lying around since years...

So oplanned to sell off as collecting money for sum upgrades...
ImageShack -
Thanx & Regards,

Manpreet Singh
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