FS: Home Audio Video Sonos bridge with sonos play3 speaker work withAlexa or Google assistant for PRO Audio


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4 out of 5
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Jun 12, 2018
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1 week test warranty at my side
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reseller which are not mine it is my friend
it is wireless speaker connect via lan to the speaker and can work via mobile or Alexa even google assistant, even as pc and macs via Sonos apps only...

The app also allows you to search across all your music streaming services in one place, and you can search via artist, song, album, playlist, station etc, making accessing what you want to listen to super easy. It's also possible to adjust EQ levels, change room names for the Sonos speakers you have setup and you can access Trueplay from the app too, in case you chose not to tune your speaker at setup.

Sounds great
Vertical or horizontal orientation
Numerous features through Sonos app
Voice control with compatible Alexa or Google Assistant device

you can google fk or another site where new cost 45k appoved without bridge

it is new but never use for long time and it is around 2 year old and working awesome condtion

it come with bridge and speaker can connect via lan cable to router and setup like home theatre

here the link of video your can watch it demo for 2 min



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How much for just the Play 3
also which country did you buy it from ?
it was bought via import from my client i guess Europe state so he want me to sell it... sorry i want to sell both cannot sell separate the play 3 and pm me for offer i can do quick discusss
price drop
and pm me for limited offer
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have PMed you

(PS just for future note your cam flash has burnt out the image of what ever you have written on the paper :) on all your images)