Camera Sony launches the worlds first compact Full Frame Camera,Full Frame A99


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Sony has come to Photokina firing on all cylinders.with the launch of the RX1 Compact camera,A99 Full Frame SLT ,NEX-6 mirrorless camera,VG900 Full Frame E Video camera.

Sony has launched the Worlds First Compact Full Frame Point and Shoot Camera the RX1.

24MP Full Frame Sensor
Carl Zeiss 35mm F2 Lens
Leaf Shutter
Optinal OVF and EVF.
Standard ISO Hot Shoe.
Sony RX1 Hands-on Preview: Digital Photography Review

After a long gap Sony has launched the Full Frame A99 SLT cleary target at film makers and Pro still photographers.

24MP Full Frame sensor with on Sensor PDAF
102 PDAF points(83 on sensor points and 19 off sensor)
14bit RAW
1080p 60
ISO-compatible flash hotshoe with 'multi interface' expansion connector
2.4M dot OLED electronic viewfinder and Pull-out three-hinge tilt/swivel 1.23m dot RGBW LCD screen
AF Range limit
Also announced a 300mm F2.8 SSM2 lens, dedicated new accessories like new flash with built in video light.
XLR input and XLR accessory

Sony SLT-A99 Hands-on Preview: Digital Photography Review

Aimed at film makers Sony i clearly targeting the Canon 5Dmk3

16.1MP CMOS sensor
2.3 million dot resolution OLED EVF
ISO 100-25600
Multi interface standard hotshoe (supports standard contacts and proprietary connector)
Wi-Fi for connection via Wi-Fi networks or to smartphones
Proprietary in-camera apps
Built-in flash
Electronic First Curtain shutter
1080p 60p
Sony NEX-6 Hands-on Preview: Digital Photography Review

Also launched is new Kit lens 16-50mm E mount pancake lens as seen above with power zoom,E mount 35mm F1.8 and E mount 10-18mm F4 all have Optical Image stabilization.

Also announced are two E mount Video cameras
24mp Full Frame sensor

APS-C 16mp sensor

While the RX1 is good the prices is kinda a steep,But from the samples it looks to take really good images.


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Sony would have been better off releasing the nex 5R or 5N in india.

IMO internationally the NEX7 sales may take a hit due to the launch of the cheaper NEX-6.So to compensate the decline in demand of NEX 7 ,its being launched here.


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Yup! It doesn't make much sense to go for the more expensive nex 7 when the cheaper nex 6 with better auto focus tracking and less noise? is available.They don't mention any price though!!
Also what happened to the nex 5R launch ?? Are they still gonna launch this diwali ?? Also they need to release the newly announced e mount lenses here ASAP;- esp the high aperture 35mm and the wide angle 10-18mm lenses


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This trend of putting large sensors in compacts is great, wish it was copied by cellphone manufacturers as well.
But why is Sony still not releasing the NEX-5N in India :no2:


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something is wrong with A99 video, weird though since sony was always touted to be good in that area

i am going ahead with my A57 though


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This trend of putting large sensors in compacts is great, wish it was copied by cellphone manufacturers as well.

^^ There is hardly any space in the body after trying to cram in all the battery-life they want and you decide that they should put half- / quarter-sensors in them.

People are not bothered, in-fact whoever has a camera-phone has an Instagram account with which to 'correct' their pictures. So no point.


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^ Not full frame, just wishing that cellphone manufacturers would concentrate more on IQ and less on MP :D


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Well I think current camera phones are way more advanced than and have much superior imgae quality.... Every generation is a a lot better... I dont see how you cant see the difference between say a smart phone from 2010 to now...

Compare these
550D announced in 2010 really great image quality still going strong now compared to a 650D announced a few months back
Samsung Galaxy S announced in 2010 to the present Galaxy SIII. Far superior image quality.


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^ Not full frame, just wishing that cellphone manufacturers would concentrate more on IQ and less on MP :D

I know it friend but space is a premium and the market these days is full of people who want the 'lightest', 'thinnest' and the smartest phone in the lot.

Does not leave an awful lot of space to care about image quality, I mean look at the price of a NOKIA Pureview 808 now, even after its acclaimed camera it has crashed SO much.

In this world of 'Instagram and Photoshop' to 'correct' your photographs to gather 'likes and AMAZZZZZZZZZZZING' comments no body is bothered.

We are going OT now. Cheerio!