Sony PSP Phat Black Modded & 4GB Orig. Memory Stick - Immaculate Condition

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Hey Guys, Up for sale is My Sony PSP Phat bought from England in 2007. Was used in the 2007 n 2008 quite a lot. Replaced its battery also with an original one brought from Sony world in August 2008 and since then, it's been used less.

The Software is 5.50 Gen - A modded and you can download homebrew games, put em on the memory stick n play.
The PSP is in immaculate condition and has screen protector on from Day 1.
So all the scratches are on the protector.
Secondly, as in the pics you can see that the faceplate also has barely any scratches. But as in the last pic you can see that the silver area around the sides of the PSP gives a used look.
Also, the battery has bulged a bit and and the battery cover is a little bulged too but don't worry, it won't fall off and battery life is as great as the new one.
The Silver ring at the back also has some scratches.

Memory Stick:
The 4GB memory stick is San Disk Original Memory Stick Pro Duo bought for Rs. 2400 from Sony World Ludhiana. Has Warranty too (probably 5 yrs) I'm searching for the bill, the buyer will get the bill along.

The Charger is UK pin charger with Indian Plug Extension. It has been repaired by a local guy after the charging cable came off due to an accidental pull. Also, the charging cable had got cut and I got it repaired by a local guy. The Charger works perfectly well. I've decreased the Price of the Option # 1 due to the charger condition.
Option #1: The Price of the PSP + Battery + Charger Only is Rs. 4999 + shipping at actuals

Option #2 : Only 4GB Original Memory Stick = Rs. 999 + shipping at actuals

Option #3 : Whole Combo = Rs 5899 + Shipping at actuals (Rs. 100 discount if you buy both) BEST DEAL! :hap2:

Pics :

Reason for Sale : Going for an iPhone, so need money, also it's been lying around for 6 months now.

Lowballers, please take the PM route, even though I won't reduce the price, still I might consider a request.... and don't spoil my thread.
OTers, please.... you're not welcome...
Any Queries are Welcome :)

local buyers would be given priority at any point of time
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