Laptops Sony vaio warranty and service?


1.What is the default warranty period of sony vaio laptops and do they cover all hardware parts(motherboard dead b'coz of overheating and screen?]?

2.And do they offer dell like InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis?

3. can we extend warranty like dell for some more bucks? if yes charges for extending warranty?

I am planning to buy : VPCEB14EN

Core i-3 330M



15.5" WXGA (1366*768)

512MB DDR3 HD5470

MRP: 39,000

VPCEB14EN : E Series : VAIO Laptop & Computer : Sony India


1. The warranty period is mentioned in the warranty card. By default they do give 1 year warranty and do cover the dead motherboard, dead screens etc. But they dont cover any accidental damage to the laptop.

2. No InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis.This facility is only given by Dell.
You have to take the laptop to an authorised Sony Service centre.

3. No idea about the extended warranty.


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In U.S they do offer extended warranty... pretty expensive obviously, just like Dell. Guess you'll have to call them and ask.


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while i was buying the same laptop (writing this message from itself), i was told i could do a 11 + 2 year extended warranty for some 5k... 5k is a lotta money so didnt go for it...


I got my laptop from CROMA. The CROMA guys give an extended 2 year warranty in addition to the 1 year warranty given by sony. All this for 3 k. But it was not an extended warranty by Sony but an extended warranty by Croma, which i felt was not worth. The extended warranty by Sony costs 5k and you have to buy it from sony itself. But it is still worth as most of the times, the price for fixing the laptop can be more than that.

I have a 1 year warranty right now but will buy the extended 2 year warranty after few months.


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Sony gives an extended warranty for a total of 3 years by paying 5k extra. You can extend the warranty upto 11 months from the date of purchase.However, this warranty does not include accidental damage, and terms of the extended service are different from that of the original one year warranty, so please look into it before going for it.

However, I personally would recommend it cause like someone stated above laptop repairs generally cost a bomb.