soundmagic p30 * 2 and edimax wifi adapter[will add other products soon]

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1- sound magic pl30 rs - 600

date of purchase- 4 dec 2010[8 months warranty remaining]

condition - like new

location - purchased from itwares

everything is in proper order and bill will be seems one bifilange is missing from the box.

reason for sale-upgrading

2- soundmagic pl30 rs - 550

date of purchase- 14th may 2010[2 months warranty remaining]

condition-its in good condition

location-purchased from itwares by a TE member

the box holding the iem's and and bifilanges in missing.a couple of bifilanges are missing.

reason for sale-upgrading

3- edimax wifi adapter 7316ug rs -500

was purchased from a TE member

condition-its in a usable condition

i am searching for the box but rest assured everything will be packed properly

a 1 week testing warranty will be given.

*payment has to be done in my axis bank account

*shipping will be charged extra at actuals

*strictly no negotiations as the prices i have quoted are already decent imo,if i am mistaken about this please let me know through pm.

2 soundmagic pl30 iem's at the price of one! Take both for just 1 k + shipping.need a quick sale hence reduced the price drastically.edimax wifi adapter for just 400 rs + shipping


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^both man :D :D

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recieved !

Headphones in decent condition , boxes in bad condition , but who cares about the boxes ! im happy :D

And PL30 > > PL11

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iTrust score left :)
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