Spectranet Mumbai Torrents Throttle ?


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In Bangalore no throttle

what's the torrent download speeds you see? Mine doesn't go above 1.5 MBps, which leads me to suspect there is some sort of throttling.
my earlier ACT connection used to download at the full 4.5 - 5 MBps at the same 50 mbps connection.

Speed Test always shows 50 mbps speeds though, leading me to believe that there is some sort of traffic shaping happening.

Had to switch because ACT is not available in the new address.


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This happened with me as well - I am using Rajesh Hathway in Ghatkopar - 1 Mbps only. Torrents would take ages to start. I eventually blocked the entire 10.254.240.X.X series of IPs (Torbox/Peering Cache IPs) and everything was back to normal.


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I use hathway in Andheri West, and I get 50mbps the entire month, which I shouldn't actually get since I'm only paying for 50 mbps till 15 bothered are some days when I download more than 50gb in a day lol.

I also felt that there was throttling and blocking at some times.