Strange Problem with my BSNL BB Line (8 Years OLD Connection)


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Hello Experts,

I'm a Bsnl BB user past 8 years and my current plan is BB Home Combo ULD 800 as mentioned in the Bill. From past 8 years at my home this connection served me as problem free. But now from Feb End 2013 it constantly make me suffer.

The problem is Low BB speed, Can't browse a page like face book / verge or any other page as well as many forum like this/ speedtest page simply refuse to load up, Download speed of well seeded torrent at utorrent goes to 0.8 Kbps to 0.2 Kbps....where in normal speed used to get 132Kbps at the beginning of month after limit cross 65Kbps to 80Kbps at regular basis.

Timing of this problem : Every Week days after Evening 7.30 pm /9.30 p.m/11.30 p.m and rectified or solved next day after 11.00 a.m which is office hour of BSNL. If the next day is Sunday/Holiday then these low speed symtom continues until the next working days/hour comes.

This is become normal in our Home BB connection. To solve this as you guess there are numerous complain (docket) bookings and call up to the local BB Cell. They called back and discussion with them sometimes take place half-hour long,but I never present myself any Rude or Angry instead of worried / concerned customer.

What happened after docket ?

During docket period (when they actually look into) BB behave normal during the day and at night it slow down but the duration is negligible and it last until the weekend. Docket No. closed - Sunday comes and my line goes back to it's slow trauma.

I'm using modem DNA-A201BEI from BSNL......

My ques;

1. Is it possible to access my connection/line before it reached to my home ?
2. Is there anyway BSNL employees such as line man or any other gave my line someone else to access?

3. Is there any ongoing sabotage for BSNL, so that BB customer surrender their connection ?
4. Please help / suggest what to do ?

To add this story short my BB line only functional when the BSNL office hours is going ON else it is almost as good as dead.


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Probably some problem with their internet server. Had similar problem too a long time back. Called their guy home once after 6pm and he saw line was good. Then he made a call to their main office where they have servers installed. Seems computer had some maintenance problem. Took a week to get problem rectified.


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I already visited at the local exchange - they assure all rectified - but not......

Several Call to local BB Cell - They called back - assured - rectified - but not.......

From last 2 & half month I'm suffering - Like they already knew - that there is a problem,but don't want to take responsibility,

When the big Internet attack going on previous months they are blaming it for long time - and close my docket etc etc.....

But now my question why I pay 24 x 7 unlimited tariff rate and get 7/8 hours actual BB everyday exclude Holidays/Sundays when it completely down, and rest of the time like a old Dial-up connection - as good as dead because most of the site we access today are BB friendly not light weight Dial-up friendly.

Next time I go there and ask/demand for discount - my bill must be 50% off .


If this problem for a week or 2 / One month , then it is understandable,but it continues several months - Like 'Iss Raat Ki Koi Subha Nehi' (There is no sun rise of the deep long night)

Last I use good/problem free Internet in the month of Jan '13.


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Same problem here. It was working fine for months, though I have suffered the same fate before that. Now the ADSL light takes some time to get adjusted, but the Internet light doesn't come on at all. And when it comes (rarely that is, once in say 24 hours), the speed stays at <1kBps, I'm not joking. It's the same from 3 days now. 5 days before it was the same. And also around 2 weeks before that. I'm getting my connection for just half the days of the month now, even with complaints being registered and taken care of.

I'm accessing internet through Airtel on my mobile, but even that is gone haywire after they've increased the cost of all their plans and also reduced the usage limit by half.