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Secret Agent Man
Strider is making a gorgeous comeback in early 2014

Capcom might not be cranking out the most amazing Resident Evil titles, but it sure knows how to play to gamer's nostalgia. In just a month we're getting the amazing looking DuckTales Remastered and today, Capcom revealed yet another nostalgic slash to the face, Strider!
Announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, Strider will take the familiar high-speed action platforming fans remember from its retro days and bring it to modern consoles, current and next-gen in early 2014.
Remaining true to its roots, Strider features the same franchise hallmarks of fluid, lightning quick combat and ground-breaking free-flowing traversal that inspired many of today’s third person action titles. Strider further builds upon this pedigree by endowing the player with a vastly expanded arsenal of moves and weapons to acquire and use, while slicing their way through a massive, interconnected and rich game world.
The year is Meio: 048, on an alternate dystopian future of Earth. The whole planet suffers under the oppressive, iron-fisted rule of the mysterious and omnipotent Grand Master Meio. An expert in sabotage and assassination, Hiryu is the youngest ever recruit to attain a Special A-Class in the hellish Strider training program, and is the only man capable of achieving the mission to eliminate Grand Master Meio.

Perform breakneck acrobatic jumps and mid-air flips while slicing through enemies with Hiryu’s indestructible ‘Cypher’, a plasma charged weapon that can take on a number of properties. Alternatively, use the climb sickle to gain the high ground, and hit them with a surprise Kunai attack, or call on support allies for some extra muscle when the going gets tough.​
The title is being developed by Double Helix, who developed the upcoming Killer Instinct for Xbox One.

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Been playing this game since the last 3 days and its fun. 2D side-scrolling hack-n-slash just like the 8-bit Ninja Gaiden III, I had played back in the day.

Boss battles are good but gets repetitive later on because the same bosses appears at later stages with improved powers, which makes it a little bit boring but they can be dispatched quickly. Some areas are inaccessible during the initial stages because his primary weapon Cypher lacks the abilities to pass through certain doors/portals. The upgrades are acquired later and the stages can be revisited. Health and energy upgrades are also acquired during the progression. At one stage however, it is not possible to come back and revisit the stages and the warning is mentioned before entering the level.

Double Dragon: Neon got sidelined as a result of this one. Will resume once this is completed.


Forgot to update! :p

Completed the title few days back and it was fun (most 2D side-scrollers are for that matter). Completion time was less than 6 hours from the in-game counter. The difficulty increases progressively but Strider gains access to more powerful strikes later on. I wasn't able to max out the health nor the energy bar. Health fell short of 2 blocks IIRC.