PC Peripherals Suggest a good UPS

Hi everyone
Since I'll be transporting my desktop to hostel, I'll definitely require a UPS since there's the problem of frequent power cuts there. It's just to power the pc and monitor. The configuration has been given in the siggy. But I want the ups to be able to support the pc if I decide to upgrade to some items like an i7, better GPU, a couple more hdds and a Noctua D14.
Btw my PSU has active PFC. I definitely hope not to hear any weird sounds from the PSU when the ups kicks in during power cuts.
As to the budget, I can't go above 4 figures for just an ups. The cheaper the better. But always prefer decent quality.


You will need a 750 VA or a 1 KVA UPS.

you cant go very wrong with a APC. it is the most expensive though, should be around 6 - 7 K


Get the 1.1 KVA apc for around 4500 RS.Its the most commonly recommended ups in forums.Numeric,powercom etc are other options you can look at.Me too searching the forums for a new ups.
+1 for the APC BR1100CI-IN!

This is what I have at home and it supports my rig for over an hour easy!

Total power consumption of my PC is probably around 350W (not peak load)

Anyone know of APC dealers in trivandrum? The cost for shipping these are gonna be hefty.

1. Have you tried looking at their website?


2. Yes, the UPS is very HEAVY!


ALPHA17 said:
^^ A 1KVA APC UPS ~ 4400/- here in Bangalore, best bet for you.

It needs 24 hours to fully recharge the battery. The 1KVA model is pricier than the 1.1 KVA one and needs only 5-6 hours to fully recharge.