Less than 10K Suggest a phone under 8k.


Global Moral Police
Yeah, it's getting better. I just hope MS don't suddenly decide to stop supporting the platform (due to low market share) and it keeps running for the next decade.


Lord Escanor
Need to get a phone for my sister, budget is 9k. Can't go above that. Main requirement is that both cameras should be good, and screen size should at least be 5 inches. And OS should be Android.
it is available for Rs.9,999 on Amazon for 2gb variant
Ohhh... Thanks man.. :) :)[DOUBLEPOST=1461313489][/DOUBLEPOST]
I just ordered a Microsoft Lumia 550 for 7.4k off amazon.in for my mom :D

(Ya ya I know Windows 10 Mobile is a dead platform but I still like it - I'm hoping to get a Lumia 650 for myself soon)
Why you wanna go for windows when you already know that it is a dead platform....??