Suggest a router < 2k


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I am on the lookout for a new router. Signal strength was very low in the floor below. So was looking for a router/repeater which will help me in expanding the range.

Till now I have been able to identify only these models which seem to have a good enough range or have removable antenna (I will be able to attach 8dbi antenna later)

1. ASUS RT-N12 D1 (Some people are very happy with it's wi-fi range. Some people not so much.)
2. Linksys E900 (Not very sure if this one has stable connection. Some reviews mention frequent disconnection. A bit costly.)
3. TP-Link MR3420 (Range is not that good.)

If there is any better option which has good wi-fi range, please mention those too.

Note - I current own a TP-Link MR3020. It got conked off due to a lightning strike at my local cable or ISP end. I will be sending it for repair. After it is back I will use it as the primary connection and use the router that I buy to expand the area of coverage.


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I have MR3420, happy with it's range. Let me know of you want me to run any tests