Suggest a Tower AC for Open Hall


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I am in need of an AC for my Open Hall, Dining and Kitchen area. It is 12 ft x 40 ft x 8ft (height) with an open arch on the west side along the 40' wall and a door in the kitchen that would open to the outside on the South. The East and North are closed. I was initially looking into Mitsubishi Heavy Electric Split A/C that can throw air up to 50 ft distance. (For those in Hyderabad: I saw a demo of this some years ago in Hitex hall, where the sales person was walking with me and changing the throw distance. I could feel the gush of air even at 45 ft from the A/C). Mitsubishi Heavy Electric and Mitsubishi Company A/Cs are different.

The problem with the wall split A/C is that I do not have enough room between the Window Lintel and the False ceiling. Hence, I would need a Tower A/C that can throw out the hot air in the room via the Kitchen door. I only need to run it for around 2 to 3 hours in a day, so efficiency is not much of a concern.

Any suggestions please for a good Tower AC?