Suggest an Air Fryer


Not sure if this is a valid question. But I'm looking to buy an air fryer.

These are my priorities:-
  1. Value for money
  2. Capacity (Volume and power)
  3. Ease of use
Quite simple really.

I was thinking of getting the Kenstar Aster-N air fryer, but just as I was typing this post, I found the Havells AirOven, which is of course more expensive, but comes with greater capacity and has the option of having multiple racks. I also think it would be easier to make pizzas in this. And I wouldn't have to flip stuff because it comes with a rotesserie basket. I wouldn't mind paying almost double if it meant I would have better experience through many years.

I'm looking for recommendations from those who have used air fryers before. This would be my first. Kindly let me know.