Audio Suggest cheap headphone with mic


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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a budget headphone with mic. Budget around Rs 600. I know it's too low for a decent one, but still what would be the best bet for around Rs 600?

My usage would be for skype, occasional multiplayer gaming chat and for movies and gaming on rare occasions in the late night when I don't want to disturb neighbours and parents. :cool2:

I was thinking of this one from ebay

eBay India: iBall i882MV Headphone with MIC in Volume Control (item 170409518304 end time 27-Nov-2009 18:56:54 IST)

Is it any good?

Also, what will be the cheapest option in case of reliable brands with reasonably good sound quality, if at all I'm able to increase my budget?

PS : Would not prefer to buy the headphone and mic seperately. Please try to suggest one within Rs 600 and another one the cheapest among the good brands, so in case I can increase my budget I can go with that. :)

EDIT : In case of case of good cheap headphones, how's Sennheiser HD 201? No mic though :(

Guys, please reply. Kinda urgent because I've an ebay coupon expiring today, so looking to buy it before midnight. :p

Also, I searched around the home and found my 7 year old HCL headphones with mic and one of the speakers is working, so I'm looking to use this one for skype and other purposes and buy a good headphone for movies, music, gaming etc for late night hours.

So my options are,

Sennheiser 201 or 202, which is better? Bass is kinda important to me so inclining towards 202, however, is 201 more comfortable and having better built quality than 202?

Steelseries 3h
Philips shp2700

Please suggest guys, also please note that I'm using this with my onboard Realtek audio in my mobo, so consider that too and I'm never going to buy a sound card. :cool2:


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Finally ended up purchasing HD 201 from ebay. I was looking for better comfort, hence chose HD 201 over 202, even though bass is a bit low I hope it gets better after burn in.