Budget 10-15K Suggest... Samsung A50s or A21s ?


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Can any one suggest, which handset will prove Best Long Lasting Hardware & used experience.

Usage mostly for call/office documents/messages etc. (not much gaming... if any then only rarely)

Samsung A50s may be at Rs.13999/- (in coming Diwali Sale) and may be Samsung A21s too near by 14k

There is various types of cons review at various place most of about Battery Drain for Samsung A50s ... is it really a issue for all or that buyers may use device for Gaming & YouTube Video (most of time)?



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I found that A50s is good for Amoled Screen, Bixbee, NFC & Steady video but battery drain + some user report that after recent update their Widevine L1 support get disabled and samsung might wish to close the A50s chapter....

but A21s is recent, good battery + good back & front cam + Punch Hole + L shape camera and Samsung want to keep story going on and thus introduced A21s (6GB+128GB) on 10-10-2020.

So 60% my mind goes with A21s and 40% with A50s ....

some input need to make mind 100% at any one side ;)

I'm no more able to found that offer page for Samsung A50s....

I think youtubers who are advertising for particular this model either spreading rumors or creating hype to attract viewership for BOTH (their channel & ecommerce site too)
YouTuber video, as per him he actually used A50s & after one year of use he is giving honest review about:-

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Just bought Samsung A50s,
September 2020 Manufacturing Date / Made in India (Delhi)
Android 10 Out of Box
Free Transparent Rubberized back cover in Box with Charger/USB Cable/Ear Phone.

Using since 24hrs, wifi/usb tethering etc.

Under display fingerprint is very good, even after, I apply screen protector, just make sure to press with exact middle of finger.

Battery sheds 1% each hour, when kept idle for 7-8 hrs. (AOD is on all the time, since first boot)

Little heat noticed but noticed same temperature with all device I used previously... not exceptional heating.

Charging Speed (even fast charging) is slow.. may be in past I used 2700/3000 mAH handset so I feel same with this 4000mAH

to reach from 25% to 100% it took 2hrs. & 17 min. (First Charge)

Call reception is very loud & clear. Received 450Mb update from Samsung and found download speed very good.

All above I noticed on First Day/First 24hrs. using.

Note: Before allowing Update, just make sure battery is 100% charged, upto 1GB Data Balance & Good 4G Signal Strength and have Patience, do not touch/accept call/vie WA or reply sms etc. Just close all activities and seat ideal with patience till it complete update, some time you may feel it's unreposnive/dead... do not get shock, it's working behind black screen, just have patience and all will be OK. DO NOT DISTURB it while MAJOR UPDATE (not for normal Google Apps or Galaxy App updates)
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A21 is not fhd display right?. Afaik
Yes, washout type images + display with A21s.. when Comapre with A50s, otherwise no issue with A21s display also.
I have reading specs so prefer good display for eye care
Various features trim in A21s compare to A50s
Good Camera with EIS Video Recording
Always On Display was my long term wish and it fulfill with this purchase :)