Suggestions for affordable 100% KBs with Red/Brown switches and per-key RGB


Title basically. I haven't found any 100% KB with red/brown switches and per-key RGB within my 4k budget. I could use some suggestions and pointers. A backup option would be one with static backlighting over per-key RGB, ideally white/red. Black body is mandatory.
Take a look at the Royal Kludge RK100 (wired/wireless). Currently available on Genesis PC for around 6K and comes with RK Red switches.



I recently bought this. But I am not using my personal computer much so can't give much of reviews.
There are different models of surara. I have got the red switch one, I bought this locally, whose colors can't be set with software.
I think the newer versions come with brown switch.
The keyboard is very heavy and looks sturdy. TBH I went to local shop to see Cosmic byte one and ended up liking this one. Also yes, the red one I have doesnt have perkey RGB, neither could I found any other keyboard with perkey and red/brown that time.


@AINDRASIS_GUPTA @ajeetone thanks for the suggestions. The RK100 V2 seems like a great value option, but I'm afraid the compact design might not go well with my clumsy hands. I shall consider it for a secondary purchase once I have the budget.
For the moment, I've chosen to succumb to the G512 Carbon as it seems to be the cheapest one that fits the bill while not having widespread complaints about keycaps flying to the moon.