Suggestions needed for Audio Interface upto 12000


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Hello everyone,

My wife wants to buy a Mic and Audio Interface. Mic is almost final to SM58 or AKG D5. Now the Audio interface is where we are getting confused. Which Audio Interface will work great with a low sensitivity mic like SM58. Also she uses Audio Technica M50x for mixing so headphone amp should be good enough and should provide clean and enough amplification to work with. Please suggest. Thanks.

Requirements In her words:-
*Recording should be clean and loud enough
*Headphone amp should provide amplified and distortion free sound for mixing
* Budget is about 12K for Audio Interface


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SM58 is a bad choice for home studios. It is a stage mic and won't work great unless it is for the said purpose. Also beware of fakes - for every original mic, you'll find a dozen fakes.

It is almost impossible to get an interface in your budget that will work with the SM58.


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What problems can be faced in using stage mic at home? I know usual choice is condenser mic (for that I have zeroed AT2020) but we are not in the position to invest on sound proofing etc. So a dynamic mic is better choice imho. But as I am the first time buyer, I want input from the experts. Regarding fakes- I will buy from either Yamaha Square locally or Bajaao, Rajmusical/Sudeep Audio or Amazon Appario retail.

PS:- One month ago I had zero knowledge on Audio Interfaces and all but after watching numerous youtube vides and reading spec sheet, I have now a little bit of knowledge on topic but zero experience. That knowledge is pushing me towards Audient Evo 4 and AKG D5 combo. But I am too much concerned about mic gain it provide. Although people say that at 100% gain it gives clean signal, I am still not convinced. Watching too much videos from Julian Krause has confused me.
Please suggest what is the best option for
AI and mic at 25000 budget.