CPU/Mobo Suggestios for a 939 Mobo

Hi all,

I would need suggestions for a 939 mobo cause lately I have been experiencing some problems with my system.

CPU: Opteron 165
RAM: Gskill HZ PC4000
Mobo: BioStar 6100-M9

I had a big fiasco with my mobo earlier with the graphics and had it RMA'ed (8 - 12 months back) . So running now with a 6200 Geforce.

Now I seem to have some weird problems
1) PC doesn't start immediatly as soon as my UPS comes online... doesnt start when i press the button - it does after like 10 mins
2) There is a whining sound (high frequency sound dying out..) from my comp - think its from PSU when I disconnect the comp from power supply (after shutdown and before turning off the UPS) - never had this before
3) Pc speaker beeps when I press a key sometimes and nothing happens or the case changes...suddenly all becomes upper case - without CAPS LOCK ON
4) Mouse pointer "sprints" around the screen and highlighting happens randomly... and all those screw up behaviour and finally freezes (RIP)

When i plugged in my PSU to a P4/ECS combination - 1) and 2) did not happen...
and my keyboard and mouse is not so old either (6 months old)

Planning to change my mobo

any suggestions for a solid stable one.. ? I am fed up of all OC'ing dreams - need a stable one.

Need valuable suggestions on UCCC compatible stable mobo, please.

come on guys - i would want some suggestions...

do you think flashing the bios to a Tforce would solve it ?

Any better ideas other than getting a new mobo - cos there arent any (almost) out there!
Switch said:
First things first... try a different PSU... I think that is what is causing you problems...

Well.. He tried the PSU on his cousin's Intel rig and it just worked fine. The board's been a disaster ever since he bought it. Unlucky Devil he is :eek:hyeah:
Which psu do you have? :huh:

Let's leave the mobo purchase for later till you have made sure what is wrong- might not be the mobo after all. :)

Why don't you try out someone's better psu on your rig and then see if the problems still persist after some hardcore crunching or gaming.
That's a better way of ruling the psu out of the equation than getting ur psu to work in some other rig. :)

Alternatively you may buy a new rig after selling the old stuff- you may sell the Opty 165 to kkndka as he is ready to pay a handsome price for a socket 939 DC, and Freaky might be interested in buying the lovely UCCC you have. :rofl: