Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer 120mm

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Dark Star

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Here is my first deal at renowned TE market :eek:hyeah: .. So I am selling my used Core Contact Freezer .. Its hardly 2 months old and is in perfect condition...Haven't used it much currently on stock HSF so its of no use for me ..

It is one of the better CPU cooler in the market and is a very good product ... I have been able to OC my Phenom X3 to 3.1 Ghz w/o much fuss or glitches..

Reason : Selling because I don't like it and installation is difficult due to my motherboard north-bridge...and I need cash :p[strike]
Price : 2000 + Shipping
Shipping : 170 Rs - DTDC AIR ..[/strike]
Bill : I am unable to find the original bill atm. Will update once I got it ... If necessary I'll attach the photocopy of the bill present at lynx-india register :p..
Date/Shop of Purchase and Condition : Lynx-India, hardly 2-3 months old.. perfect condition, the TX2 paste has only been used twice so the pack is almost new with all things untouched !

SOLD to boomshanker !!!

Specs and Contents :
Kindly refer to above page for major specification.. Please note this is not 92mm version, it is 120mm version which retails for 2600 brand new..

Please Pm me for more details... Local buyers will be given preference :)


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@Dark Star --> bill available at member's section on lynx-india should be more than enough for claiming the warranty. I'm next in line if all gentlemen above me back off
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