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Expected Price (Rs)
Shipping from
NOIDA 201301
Item Condition
Packed Brand New
Payment Options
  1. Cash
  2. Bank Transfer
Purchase Date
Oct 1, 2019
Shipping Charges
Excluded - at actuals
Have you provided two pics?
  1. Yes
Remaining Warranty Period
Invoice Available?
Reason for Sale
Cleaning up - please PM for individual items
For Sale !

I'm selling a ton of things.
A full spreadsheet can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tOB27jTrvVlTTLbRTub_z46vGra1ITsQmHtIAFoOjYg/edit?usp=sharing
The grids below may not be updated intra-day, so please refer the spreadsheet before paying or asking Qs.

PLEASE PM for queries - I will not respond to random questions on the thread. Thanks! :)

1. I have not uploaded the faceplate of the CM120 Cabinet. It is available. The ports need to be fitted from aliexpress or whatever. That's what the LED switch is for :)
2. HX750's FAN has sold.
3. Added 970 EVO PLUS and Mic Stand.
4. One Kindle sold.
5. CM 120 Cabinet SOLD.
6. Both cooler master mouses (yes, not mice) have sold.
7. Mousepad sold - the Steelseries QCK SIMS 4 edition.
8. Sold: Samsung wireless charger,
9. Added (7/10) - 120mm Fan grills (2 types), Gigabyte GPU fan, USB switch, Thrustmaster Gaming Controller.
10. Sold (8/10): Jabra Soulmate mini, HX750 PCB and chassis.
11. Sold (9/10): Corsair SP140 and CoolerMaster 120AB fans.
12. Sold (9/10 EOD): Huawei router 630a, Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 2GB.
13. Sold (10/10 morning): Jim Beam hip flask and Blue ICE Snowball microphone. Added a DLink router but specifics to follow (on hold right now.)
14. Added (11/10): Edifier x600, SS Arctosa keyboard, HDMI to DVI cable (this is EXCELLENT for projectors and big rooms), some fan grills and meshes, and even more (undecided - keep an eye out.)

Common info:
Image gallery
Reason for Sale Spring cleaning
Location NOIDA, 201301
Courier Speedpost, distance dependent
Payment Options Cash, Transfer, UPI
Warranty NA
Servicing History Zero, for all products listed

AddedSnoItem:UnitsNotesURLPrice/ piecePurchasedSourceCondition /10AccessoriesCourier Charges
10/6/20191Samsung S10+ cases and one curved plastic screen guard6Selling all together. No choices :)NA700 for all2019Aliexpress + amazon9 aggregate
Most are new
NA100 - 150
10/6/20192Corsair SP140 fan non LED1SOLDCan't find it5002017With 280mm cooler9.5NA100 - 150
10/6/20193CM Masterfan 120AB air balance fans (the ones that come with CM 240ML)2SOLDhttps://eu.coolermaster.com/en/cooling/case-fan/masterfan-pro-120-ab/4002019With 240mm coolerBrand newNA100 - 150
10/6/20194Kindle Paperwhite2Both work just fine
https://www.amazon.in/Kindle-Paperwhite-Resolution-Display-Built/dp/B00QJDOEAO4500No ideaFamily - no idea8-JanCase150 - 200
10/6/20195Blue Snowball ICE Professional Microphone1SOLDhttps://www.bluedesigns.com/products/snowball-ice/2500No ideaErodov8-JanUSB Cable200-300
10/6/20196CAD U1 microphone w/ Stand1Mine, with the better stand, is not available anywhere now :)https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B000ULQTE0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=12000Q4 2017Amazon9.5Amazing
Stand, box
10/6/20197Coido 6133 12-Volt Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner1Used 3-4 times. Decent suction.https://www.amazon.in/Coido-12-volt-Cyclonic-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B00HCAGBYK5002016Snapdeal8-JanBag (is dusty)200-300
10/6/20198CoolerMaster 120 m-itx cabinet1SOLDhttps://www.snapdeal.com/product/cooler-master-chasis-elite-120/541745500No ideaFriend? Fully modified
5/10 Skeleton
Fancy LED
power switch
10/6/20199Delhi Daredevils 10 year bat1Friends with the owner (ex-owner?) of DD.Unique :)500Gift - 2017Friend10NA100-150
10/6/201910Huawei p9 tempered glass1Just pay shippingNAFree2018Flipkart10NA50 flat
10/6/201911Huawei router 630a
40 Mbps VDSL2, ADSL2+, WAN, USB, 4 port LAN, FTP, Wifi N. Supposedly, beamforming.
1SOLDhttps://www.amazon.in/Huawei-Wireless-Router-Machine-Broadband/dp/B00NSPSXW65002019Airtel broadband9Power supply100-150
10/6/201912HX 750 Corsair's Sleeved/ Flat cables2There is one more pack of cables not shown in the picture. Cables are par-excellent.NA500 for a full set2016Johhnyguru ;)Cables are
9.5 aggregate
BagPSU Fan =100-150
Cables = 100-150
10/6/201913Jabra soulmate mini1Works just fine. Looks, not fine. One button is mushy xD
10/6/201914Jim Bean(m?) hip flask1SOLDNA2002018Gift9.5NA100 flat
10/6/201915Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 2GB1SOLDNA100No ideaFamily - no idea10NA100 flat
10/6/201916CoolerMaster Xornet 2 gaming mouse RGB1SOLDhttps://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/peripheral/mice/xornet-ii/5002016 endAmazon9Box150-200
10/6/201917CoolerMaster MasterMouse pro L1SOLDhttps://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/peripheral/mice/mastermouse-pro-l/6002018Country head, gift8.5 - repaired mouse clickNothing at the moment - may have box with magnetic shell100-150
10/6/201918Dragonwar GP003 Friction Gaming Mouse Pad1MINT condition, used 1-2 timeshttps://www.amazon.in/Dragonwar-GP003-Friction-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B00MX3QW9U4002017Can't remember9.5NA100-150
10/6/201919The Sims mouse pad Steel Series1SOLDhttps://smcinternational.in/index.php/mouse-pad/steelseries-qck-the-sims-4-edition.html502018Amazon9Box50 flat
10/6/201920Samsung Curved Monitor 24 inch LC24F390FHWXXL with freesync1Barely used at all. Cherry picked unit. One of three - other two returned :) Does 73Hz without frameskipping and is absolutely G-sync stablehttps://www.amazon.in/Samsung-23-5-...=samsung+curved+monitor&qid=1570371647&sr=8-17000April 18PayTM9.8
Kindly reassemble the stand yourself
Prefer local sale
10/6/201921NZXT White LED sleeved kit with regulator1I've chucked the PCI slot stand - not needed anywayhttps://www.amazon.com/CB-LED20-WT-2-Metres-Light-Sensitivity-Sleeved/dp/B0046Y5Z92400No ideaErodov9.5NA100 flat
10/6/201922Samsung Triple coil standing Wireless fast charger with cooling fan1SOLD
800No ideaFamily - no idea8.5NA100 flat
10/6/201923ThinPC m-ITX cabinet1Good luck with this one ....NA100No ideaErodov - friend7NA250-350
10/6/201924TP Link ADSL2+ Router
WAN = broken port
Wifi, WDS, ADSL2+ and LAN3,4 = working
1USB ports 1&2 don't work (including WLAN)
Good use cases - Wifi range extender, ADSL2+, Wifi -> LAN
https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-networking/dsl-modem-router/td-w8960n/450No ideaNo idea6 (considering the WAN defect.)Power supply100 flat
10/6/201925Wireless LED controller1Brand newNA1002018Erodov10Original packing100 flat
10/6/201926Samsung 970 evo plus 500GB1Brand newhttps://www.amazon.in/Samsung-Internal-Solid-State-MZ-V7S500BW/dp/B07MFBLN7K90002019 - just a month backFriend - no bill10Original packing100 flat
10/6/201927Microphone stand - table mounted1Used 2 days. similar product linked.https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07MQZFCRD...jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==200Last monthAliexpress10NA100 flat
10/6/201928HX750 PSU FAN1SOLDNA500NANANANA200
10/6/201929HX750 Body & PCB minus FAN1SOLDNA500NANANANA200
10/7/201930F1 Dual Analog Ferrari F60 Exclusive Edition GAMEPAD1This is really special and close to my heart though I have used it just 5-6 times since it's so pretty lol xD
Will ship ONLY after Saturday.
Yes, it's a limited edition and officially licensed product.
https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/f1dualanalogferrarif60-en/6502014UK - I bought 3 pieces as part of a spl order (NOT SMC as previously mentioned ;) )9
Only the rubberized coating has gone on the joys, though I have put a silicon cover on the left one.
10/7/201931Fan grill - 120 MM MESH1Mild dust. :) Really goodNA200NANA9NA100 flat
10/7/201932Fan grill - 120 MM Concentric circles4UnusedNA150NAFRIEND - Erodov10NA100 flat
10/7/201933Gigabyte GPU fan - original from svc center (from 1080 G1) - so please google specs1Svc center guys are good friends. Replacement fans have no sticers on top.NA150NAGigabyte svc center10NA100 flat
10/7/201934USB 2 port switch (Manual - push button)1Really good for switching between keyboard sets or printers or what not.https://www.amazon.in/Technotech-Sh...Technotech+USB+2+switch&qid=1570471251&sr=8-31502018eBay10NA100 flat
10/7/201935DLink router (not in gallery right now)1ON HOLD4002018Hathway7Power Source100-150
10/12/2019363/4 Pin Fan Noise Adapter1Take a noisy good fan and permanently kill its noise :)NA1002017eBay Intl.9.5NA100 flat
10/12/201937140mm Magnetic Fan Filter2Top notch stuffNA2002019eBay Intl.9.5NA100 flat
10/12/201938140mm Fan Filter1NA100No IdeaeBay Intl.9NA100 flat
10/12/201939Edifier x600 2.1 speaker system1MDF wood, proper crossovers, great bass, component and mid-range per satellite, Aged really well. Newer version is 4k rupees and sounds horrible. Worse tweeter, and no crossover (I've already disassembled the new one. Bad PCB too. - picks up noise.)
https://www.edifier.com/mm/en/speakers/x60020002014Retail shop8NA300-500
10/12/201940Razer Arctosa Keyboard (stealth)11 key is missing - I think the PAUSE key (above Page UP) - works flawlessly, and has wear marks. 1000 Hz polling and really good double tap for say, unreal tournament.https://www2.razer.com/ap-en/gaming-keyboards-keypads/extreme-anti-ghosting800No IdeaWon in a competition7NA200-300


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Responded for Xornet 2, Sims 4 mousepad and Reddragon or whatever that larger mousepad is about.


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haha, it's quite hectic. Updated the list with more items. Expect more to keep coming in :)
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A few products have sold. A few have been added.
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I am adding a few items: Edifier x600, SS Arctosa keyboard, HDMI to DVI cable (this is EXCELLENT for projectors and big rooms), some fan grills and meshes, and even more (undecided - keep an eye out.)

Thanks to all those who have made purchases.

Shipping list:

CoolerMaster 120 m-itx cabinet
CoolerMaster Xornet 2 gaming mouse RGB
CoolerMaster MasterMouse pro L
The Sims mouse pad Steel Series
Corsair SP140 fan non LED
CM Masterfan 120AB air balance fans (the ones that come with CM 240ML)
Huawei router 630a
Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 2GB
Jim Bean(m?) hip flask


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Oho, it seems I am bumping an old thread. If it is not the case then I am interested on buying an mITX case.
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