PC Peripherals System Starts Automatically When Ups Is Turned On


Hi guys ,

Recently i replaced my mobo ( DH67CL) b'coz of some issues. Now when i start my ups the system starts automatically. I don't know what causing it. I didn't changed anything in the bios. The only thing i changed in the system is that i replaced the mobo with a new one ( Same model ). Does anybody have any idea??. This problem only started after i changed the motherboard. pls help guys.


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There should be a setting in the BIOS like a/c power on state with options like memory,always on, off afaik, change it to memory so that when the mobo received power it either turns on or stays off depending on what the pc state was before the power went off


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#[member='DavyJones'], check BIOS setting. There must be a setting like - Restore on Power : ON / OFF / LAST STATE

Change it to OFF


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i dont think any option can have the effect of powering on the pc, though the board starts to recieve power as soon as the ups is swirched on.

Did you change anything in the bios ?. I hope by default the bios is not set in that way. Moreover you had the same board formerly...


thnx for your replies guys. I didn't change anything in the bios. the current power settings in my bios are below

Intel Dynamic Power Technology

Enhanced Intel speedstep technology - Enable

Processor C states - Enable

System Power options

After Power Failure - Stay off

Wake on Lan From S4/S5 - Power on-Normal boot

Deep S4/S5 - Disable

S3 state indicator - blink

wake system from S5 - Disable

PCIe ASPM support - Disable

Flash Update sleep Delay - Disable

These are the default settings. I didn't change anything. I have no idea whether the power pins are short. It was working perfectly with the old mobo


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#[member='DavyJones'], BIOS setting looks all right.

If problem persist, then reset the BIOS, and re-configure it