The "Everyday" show-off thread !


Shower gel and soap from a brand I cannot pronounce.

CK Eternity

Wilson Baseball

Logitech Wireless KB


Doctor Pen and Scalpel
Montblanc 144 and Pelikan M400

My last "big" purchases for a long time.
Also got Lumia 430 as given my Z1 for service...Really surprised by what you get for 4.7k.2 cameras,4" screen,GPS,Dual 3G and snappy performance.Kinda feels good to have a cheap phone that you can chuck around,Kinda liberating.


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Had seen this combo on Snapdeal yesterday, waiting fora mini review. :D
And that is where i bought it from !!the below are the early impressions

SS Rival :
- I use a claw grip and this mouse seems like it was made for my hand, for small hands this may seem a little large but mine were medium sized
- The feel and ergonomics that this mouse provides is awesome , i was able to see noticeable changes in first few minutes in a CSGO comp game
- Sniping and AK / M4 seems much easy to aim and also control the recoil of AK
- The lighting with this mouse is awesome and bright and the amount of colors you can change on the logo is too good, to top it all the Breathing effect / random color changing effect looks really awesome
- Has plethora of customization with the Steelseries engine V3 software
- The tiny dots on the side of the mouse gives a very good grip
- They didnt supply the media to install the software though i had to download it online
- Had the cables been braided like deathadder it would have been much more sturdy and increased its longevity

- This mouse mat is really large and quality material
- The printing seems good but only time would tell
- This mouse mat complements the mouse very well, i tried with high as well as low sensitivities and it works great
- The texture is good if not great !

SS Siberia V2 :
- The Grenade explosions never seemed this tight , i was using a microsoft headset so far and it lacked the finer details
- I can hear enemies much better with cleared details of their footsteps
- They provide an extension cable in case if you are sitting far from your case
- When the headset is worn for extended hours they remain comfortable
- Again here the cables were thick but had they been braided it would increase its longevity