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Christmas came early


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Most likely yes, mapped network drive can be used for saving. I'll try and confirm tomorrow.
Yes, used a pendrive plugged in to router and mapped as network drive. Now this location can be used for saving cam videos, it's working with ispy but not working with blue iris.
blue iris isn't showing a network location to save, may be I am missing something.
Christmas came early
Looking good in white color.
what's the model name ? I've first time seen this type of DIY keyboard with a volume knob which is looking wonderful.

Party Monger

IMO thieves don't do these things on impulse, they come prepared. All the camera does is scare regular people into being more polite. It will not deter a real thief.
Most of my need was to keep an eye on funny activities of people. Not theives. But even then, I think you over estimate theives. Anyone with half a brain will earn well, instead of stealing stuff from middle class families. Smarter theives have upgraded to digital crimes. So for safety and regular surveillance these are good. Im upgrading my cams to TAPO so that I can record and also upload to cloud.
Good to have hardwired storage like Hdd, Ssd than depend on removable data storage which can get corrupted.

I might add some cameras when my wifey buys a new house here in Hyderabad.
So asking or clearing my doubts.

But anyways I will post a query in the forum before taking a plunge regarding cameras though.
these can be hardwired,atleast the c200 tapo tplink has rtsp support so nas software or dvr software that supports rtsp will write all the footage to hdd/wherever you want.
Christmas came early
where you bought this from ?
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Ikea Peg Board arrived and was installed on the same day.

Love the versatility it offers. However, options are very limited right now (hooks only).

Hope IKEA adds more accessories to the ecosystem.

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Still a work-in-progress project for that clean setup. (Wiring clean up and VESA mount for the monitor pending.)

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Whats the square blue bracket case holding those hotwheels..

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The special thing about ikea computer tables is that it can ordered according to our specifications.
Longer table, shorter table, more or less stands, desks to use as storage on both or either side, cable management utility etc based on our budget but it's mostly multi utility tables.

The one I liked in ikea costs around 20k which is itself called Gaming Table but need more reviews before taking a plunge for ordering it. But I liked its design truly. On one side below the table we can keep the cabinet and on other side our ups.

But need more reviews about its durability etc because of its price. So for the time being I bought a wooden table from flipkart which I put it as showoff.