The "Everyday" show-off thread !

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These sound great!


The first is where the cable goes in and those are 3 pair of filters which can change the sound signature
Got it now, Initially I though these are some kind of caps which will close that hole where the cable goes and magically make these pairs wireless :laughing:


HAHA.. i thought you were buying a drill to attach to your grinder!
yeah tried that. light roast coffee beans are too dense and require lot of torque. basically the palm that holds the grinder body becomes red :( also, i am lazy. Also people were getting weirded out seeing a drilling machine in kitchen.
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This is around 20k man. I just saw in Instax site.
I thought initially it was cheaper but 20k for an instax camera is too costly I think but it has wifi also right.

No, it has Bluetooth (no WiFi).
You can get cheaper Instax, starting at 4.5k as well, but this allows the ability to save pics to microSD, and save money on film. The others directly print on film (and a film costs around 500-600 for a pack of 10).
Quality of prints is much better than other Instax, and pic quality is better than Kodak/Polaroids.
Also allows for printing your pics clicked via phone.
All in all, pretty satisfied. Expensive, yes, but happy to even get it. Most parts of the world have month long waiting period for this camera (check r/instax). Allows for the kids to try some creative effects, and maybe learn a bit or two about photography and scrapbooking.