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What blades would you recommend with this product?
Pearl shaving double edge closed comb.

I've only seen Supermax blades in stores. Reviews say those blades are dull.

I use Supermax Diamond Edge and Supermax Double Edge. The former is bit sharper and works well. The razor you have chosen would be mild. I have the same cutting head on the Pearl 2 piece I ordered. Pearl's open comb is the most vicious razor--they have!



Getting back into shaving after a long hiatus. arrived in a cute little box. previously i was using straight edge razor but it demands more respect. may be i will use it when i am relaxed.


any good suggestions for razor stands/brush holders? or any jugaads for the same?
You diy from a aluminium wire cloth hanger for table stand. Or for wall mounted stand you can use the 2 inch pvc channels used for electrical wiring and use it.
Here is mine.
any good suggestions for razor stands/brush holders? or any jugaads for the same?
DIY from aluminium wire cloth hanger for table top or use 2 inch pvc channels used for electrical wiring to make a wall mounted one. Here is mine.


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While searching for the razor stand, I came to know there is a wholesale barber/grooming supply shop 5mins from my house! I've asked them to get me a stand. I'll know by next week.


I ordered, money got deducted, green confirmation of transfer via Gpay, and then these ****ers send me a message saying payment cannot be verified by bank and order is on hold.
Never heard of this site, but lost 700 bucks. Be careful when ordering guys.
weird. I ordered yesterday and its been shipped today


Ordered the MÜHLE TRADITIONAL R41 Twist to replace my ageing (and rusting) no-name refurbished safety razor. I was surprised by how smoothly it glides over the skin without pulling any hair. Best purchase ever! :happy:
It's a comb razor so if your beard is longer say a week then it will align the hair in place and shave cleanly.

If you shave every day or a couple of days the advantage will be less.

People looking for cheaper alternatives should enquire at hospitals. They stock inexpensive comb razors made out of plastic. Few years back I'd picked some up that looked like this

These days the design is different

They are used to shave any area before surgery.