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Great news!


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Teaser Image:


We all are very much curious to know even a minute details about CD Projekt RED second triple-A game, and now guess what guys our prayers are finally heard by Almighty, CD Projekt has just released a new teaser image (reported to be taken from The Witcher 3).

The developer stated that this teaser image was released purposely and they’ll simply "leave it for our imagination to answer."

The image features a sword, it's not an ordinary sword but a Witcher sword. We can easily notice three lycon heads.

Source: Gamepur



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Although I cannot comment on The Witcher 3, what I do know is two things --
  • MOD tools will be provided to all.
  • Speculated that a final DLC will be added to The Witcher 2.
Lets see what the dawn of 5[SUP]th[/SUP] of February greets us with.


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yay to more profit for cd and down-graded visuals.lets see where they hide the low res textures,in the witchers ass?RuuBBer SpiiDDer!!!

Teh **** is wrong with you?

Where is it more profit for CD PROJECKT RED.

Down-graded visuals? The Witcher 2 gave games like BattleField 3 a complex and it is running on Dx. 9.0c.

OTOH just started Witcher 2's campaign,

Ah! There is a Easter Egg right at the beginning near the Ballista.

Go back till the gate that is shut (and men are fighting on the other side) and turn right, quite a pointy jab at a popular title.


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Who says CD PROJEKT RED is diluting the graphical fidelity of the PC version? And it has only released on XBox and Mac after the PC. Still looks pretty good and all the future projects might be on the next generation consoles so again I don't see how your low-resolution texture argument gets any traction.

The Witcher 2 installer size is itself ~19GB (downloaded) and compressed on 2 DVD's if you bought the retail edition.

CD PROJEKT RED has never charged anybody for DLC, they are free for everyone. If you would have bought the game OR followed it then you would not have made such blasé comments.