OC & Modding Thermal solution for ryzen 3600??


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Hey guys... As some of you might have noticed from the other thread I am going to get a ryzen 3600 from a friend. I'm giving him my ryzen 1600. And because I have a 5700xt and a 144 hz monitor my gaming needs are to maintain as high frame rates as possible. Due to which I will overclock this cpu as much as possible on asus rog strix b350f motherboard.omegle xender Could you please suggest the best thermal paste and a good air CPU cooler? I'm looking at cm master gel maker nano. And hyper 212. I couldn't find any reviews online for the combo but do you know how much difference in temps there is between the wraith spire stealth and cm 212? And how much will I be able to overclock? Will the entry level aio liquid cooler like corsair h45 perform better than 212? Thanks as always guys.
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Hyper 212 should work well. I've used a Thermalright Macho Direct on my 3600 and never got temps crossing 58* when gaming and 62-63* in stress testing with PBO on.