User Review Thermalright True Spirit 120M Review


Thermalright has set a foundation in the cooling world with a number of computer cooling solutions in the last decade and it comes as no surprise that they have some of the top performing CPU Coolers. Today we are going to be looking at the new Thermalright True Spirit 120M. According to Thermalright the new TRUE Spirit 120M's defining characteristic is being the "world‘s smallest 120mm fan based tower cooler." The 120M shaves off about 15 mm from the typical ~160 mm height from typical tower Heatsinks with 120 mm fans. Does this Cooler have the right aesthetic appeal and how does it stack up in thermal performance? That is what we will attempt to answer in our review today.

The new design of true spirit has four 6mm heat pipes, a bowed base, PWM controlled fan, and 48 aluminum fins with the bent winglet design Thermalright is known for. The True Spirit supports dual 120mm fans in push-pull configuration, also it only comes with two set of spring clips and one fan.


Heatsink Specifications:-
  • Dimension: L132mm x W57mm x H145 mm
  • Weight: 470g (including fan)
  • Heat pipes: four heat pipes
FAN Specifications:-
  • Dimension: L120 x W120*H25mm
  • Rated Speed: 700~1500RPM±15%
  • Noise Level: 17~28.5 DBA
  • Air Flow: 24.8~53.3CFM
Special features:-
  • World ‘s smallest 120mm fan based tower cooler.
  • Made specifically for Micro ATX &mini tower case user.
  • Universally compatible with all modern sockets on the market.
  • Convex copper base design, to ensure the highest thermal conducting thermal efficiency between the CPU and the heatsink.

Thermalright uses a nice Color combination of yellow and black for their true spirit series heatsinkers. The box from front with Yellow color and a nice graphic of the cooler in the corner.

Left Side of box reveals up some features of heatsink and its compatibility.

The other side of the box is black with a simple shot of the true spirit heatsink.

At the left side we see a table with the specifications of true spirit in 6 different languages.

Heat sinker

The True Spirit shares a similar fin shape and winglet design of the ever popular Ultra 120. According to the specifications, it measures 132 x 57 x 145 mm or 5.2 x 2.2 x 5.7 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 470 grams ,including the fan.

Each fin is bent into the proprietary winglet design. This design helps to minimize air resistance between the fins.

The Zero RAM interference quality is great for those looking for a cooling solution that will allow full access to all the RAM channels.

At the top of the cooler we see Thermalright’s Logo imprinted on the aluminum fin and the 4 heat pipe ends.

The copper heat pipes run through the copper base that is nickel plated to a perfect mirror finish, you can see here, the reflection shows its ultimate shine.

Accessories comes with heatsink included a 1x120mm PWM fan that is rated at 700-1500 RPMs with an airflow of 24.8-53.3 CFM, and noise levels of 17-28.5 db.

Test Setup and Testing Methodology:-
  • AMD ATHLON II X4 635
  • ZALMAN HD7870
Software Used
  • OCCT 4.3.2
  • Hardware Monitor
  • Core Temp
For comparison I used Amd stock cooler and Cooler master TX-3 .


Before proceeding next I would like to explain testing method and steps taken to draw out final temperature, all the testing is done outside the cabinet.Each Heatsinkser will be put through its paces by running our test system for 20 minutes using Occt test for the CPU. The load temperatures are recorded using software Hardware Monitor and Core temp.

Room Temperature maintained @25-26c using Air Conditioner . Heatsinks are tested with Stock and Overclocked clocks of cpu, and thermal compound used for heatsinks is that comes along with True Spirit 120M.

Test Results

Stock clocks @2.9ghz & overclocked to 3.33ghz

Stock Cooler



True Spirit 120M

Temperature Graph

Final Thoughts

The Thermalright True Spirit 120M is an Excellent CPU Cooler. It is quiet, easy to install and compatible with a wide range of motherboard and RAM combos. It presented good cooling performance with low noise, low weight and and best of all low price .This is what we have come to expect from the True Spirit line of coolers. It is aimed at giving top tier performance in a very small envelope of space.

Thermalright True Spirit 120M is specifically made for Micro ATX & mini tower case user, People who need a powerful cooler that doesn’t take up a lot of space True Spirit 120M is one of the best choice for them.

Note:- Thermalright True Spirit 120M is available in Indian Market around Rs2000 .

The Good

Build Quality
Good Performance
Memory Unblocked

The Bad

Sharp Edges

Specially Thanks to Thermalright for providing the review sample.


This is not the one $ingh has reviewed. This one supports only LGA 1366 socket processors. True Spirit 120M is newly released model that supports other sockets as well (LGA 1155 in my case).

Apologies! I did not notice the 120M there. Anyways, Prime may have stocked the new model. It doesn't hurt to contact them and find out.

Besides, the older True Spirit 120 also supports the LGA 1155 socket. The 120M supports the LGA 2011 as well and is smaller in comparison.


Apologies! I did not notice the 120M there. Anyways, Prime may have stocked the new model. It doesn't hurt to contact them and find out.

Besides, the older True Spirit 120 also supports the LGA 1155 socket. The 120M supports the LGA 2011 as well and is smaller in comparison.

Called Prime, they don't have it in stock. :-(