OC & Modding Thermaltake Core P5 Case Mod


Do It Yourself
Core P5 case is one of the most popular case globally in Liquid Cooling and Open frame type case lovers.

Being one of them I also like this Core P5 case, due to its special 90 degree GPU mounting capability.
But dual graphics cards setup was difficult and especially I don’t like the graphics card bending and hanging by the PCI-e slot on the motherboard.

So I planned to change the case orientation and here it is an Un-boxing with my mod of Core P5 Case.



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I remember how 13-14 years ago my whole desktop was pale white(crt monitor, mouse, keyboard and cabinet).
Now it is hard to believe that cabinets are merely glass panels with a board and manufacturers are putting leds wherever heck they can(even rams!! Sick!)

But kudos to you man for putting up a clean and beautiful build :)